About us

The Canton of Kappellenberg is a local chapter of the larger Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). We are located in Chapel Hill, NC and are part of the Barony of Windmasters' Hill which includes central NC and we are part of the Kingdom of Atlantia which includes the states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well as Washington D.C. and a small piece of Georgia.

The Canton of Kappellenberg also works with a student group at UNC-Chapel Hill named Students for Creative Anachronism in order to bring the SCA's medieval activities to students on campus.

The SCA is dedicated to recreating the best parts of the middle ages such as courtly love, honour, chivalry, tournaments, and pageantry. As a group, the canton holds weekly meetings and fighter practices as well as workshops and occasionally weekend events.

An SCA event is a day or several days (usually a weekend) which is based on a medieval theme. At these events, there are a variety of activities often including fighting, feasting, music, dance, as well as displays of medieval arts and crafts (which we call Arts and Sciences). Unlike Renaissance Faires, which are open to the public, everyone at an SCA event is required to participate by making a reasonable attempt at wearing pre-17th century clothing.

In order to learn more about the SCA and these events, come to a canton meeting. Kappellenberg's weekly meetings begin with a short business meeting where we discuss upcoming events and end with a lesson on some aspect of the middle ages. In the past, classes have included how to draw celtic knotwork designs, how to make cordials, how to do medieval dances, medieval marshal arts, and the proper way to conduct a tournament. After the class, we often go out to dinner at a nearby restaurant in order to socialize.